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Veneta Rub Company

Capella Market

Veneta's Downtown Farmers' Market

BBQ Lemon Pepper Chicken Bowl

Free Delivery in Veneta


Now Available at Ray's Food Place in Veneta

** Now Available at Capella Market in Eugene! **

All-Natural BBQ Rub and Seasoning

Not just for the grill, a seasoning for everything!


Our selection of gourmet rubs and spices are special blends of natural ingredients that will bring out the flavor in the foods that you prepare daily. Not just for BBQ! Try our BBQ rub as a tabletop seasoning! All of our Rubs and Seasonings are 100% Gluten Free!

No Preservatives – No Flavor Enhancers - Gluten Free - No MSG

  • Mama Bear Rub & All-Purpose Seasoning is the perfect blend of herbs and spices which complements many foods and meats. Packed with flavor, our BBQ rub is not just for the barbecue. Try it on everything from scrambled eggs, to home-fries and baked-potatoes. It’s great on veggies too! Buy Some Now
  • Papa Bear Rub Bold & Spicy Recipe has that big-bold flavor when you want to kick-it-up a notch. Makes steaks great on the grill or try it in your next pot of Homemade Chili for an extra-zesty flavor experience! Visit our recipe collection for mouthwatering ideas. Rub now, talk later. Buy Some Now
  • Baby Bear Rub Mild & Sweet Recipe is just right for the younger crowd, or when you want a more delicate flavor balance. There is still plenty of flavor wrapped into this seasoning choice which is perfect on white fish or salmon, chicken breast or sautéed zucchini. Buy Some Now
  • Gone Fishin' Garlic Dill Recipe is the perfect marriage of garlic, dill and other spices that is outstanding on fish, chicken, vegitables and anything that needs that garlic touch. Try some on a pan fried steak with butter, it's really yummy! Buy Some Now
  • Lemon Pepper Best of Zest Recipe is ready to liven up any dish. Our zesty blend of Lemon and Pepper brings a new level of flavor to the table. Our 5th custom, hand-blended creation is another distinct flavor profile that is sure to satisfy. Buy Some Now
  • Herb's Rub Salt AND Sugar Free Blend After many, many attempts, we are very happy to present Herb's Rub - A salt and sugar free rub you are going to love! Our hand-blended herb and spice combination will invite flavor to your dish and leave salt, sugar and blandness at the door! Buy Some Now
  • Smoky Bear Smokin' Hot Cajun Recipe - We worked hard to get the heat to eat balance just right to accompany the smokey goodness contained within. This one is HOT! Buy Some Now

We are working on new and exciting recipes daily, so check back often, we may have just the flavor profile you are looking for! Please contact us with any product sugestions you may have. And of course if you have a great recipe to share we have the forum designed just for it.


Be sure to fill out our feedback form and let us know how you like our products. We strive to provide only the best products and customer service. Your satisfaction is our success!

Thank you for dropping by – Come back soon!

Veneta Rub Company

P.O. Box 235

Veneta, OR 97487

(541) 833-8590

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